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Our reception class is called Hedgehogs Class.  Here is some information about how we organise teaching and learning in Hedgehogs; you will also see highlights through photographs of the things we have done.  There are currently twenty-seven children in Hedgehogs, supported by two full time members of staff and one part time member of staff. Miss Waldock is an experienced Early Years Teacher and Mrs Barker is an experienced Nursery Nurse. Mrs Hornsey is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Forest School Lead.  All members of staff work closely together as a team.


Links with Parents

We encourage parents to join our Class Dojo scheme which is an online platform that serves as link between home and school.  The staff in Hedgehogs regularly message parents when necessary and photographs of children’s work and learning experiences are uploaded on a weekly basis.

Hedgehogs Staff

Teaching and Learning in Hedgehogs Class

The children in Hedgehogs are encouraged by staff to foster their independence and learn through first-hand experience.  They also learn through meaningful interactions with others, through physical activity and through play.  In Hedgehogs we follow the Early Years Curriculum which is organised into the three prime areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Physical.  The four further areas of learning are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.  Most of our children have been working on this curriculum in our Pre-School, however in Hedgehogs we place more emphasis upon the four further areas, especially Communication and Language, Literacy and Mathematics.

Teaching and learning in Hedgehogs is organised through a range of approaches and provides a balance of adult lead activities, independent activities and self- initiated activities using our classroom facilities, the outdoor area and Forest School Woodland.

When children work in small groups on an adult lead focused task, the activity will be differentiated to meet the needs of every child participating.  We also have whole class sessions for short periods of time, for example phonics, mathematics, Literacy, computing, R.E., P.E. and music. In mathematics we use a fun, practical approach using Numicon shapes.  We follow the Letters and Sounds phonic programme to teach reading.  Although the children are taught phonics as a class, the sessions are carefully planned and differentiated to meet the needs of all children.  A puppet called Granny Fantastic ‘helps’ us in English lessons with speaking and listening and early writing.

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