History at Eaton Bray Academy

Our History Curriculum

At Eaton Bray Academy we believe that our History curriculum reflects History as providing children with

  • Skills – for the development of enquiry, investigation, chronology, comparison. Also, for developing the cross curricular skills of observation, communication, reasoning, creative- thinking and evaluation.
  • Knowledge – of historical language, chronology and duration, local history including family history, significant individuals. At key stage 2 the children will also study topics from Britain’s past and that of the wider world.
  • Understanding – to show how other people, including children, lived in the past. Pupils will also make links and patterns to build upon their knowledge and understanding of what has previously been learnt in history lessons.
  • Attitudes – stimulate an interest in the past.
  • Collaboration and co-operation – to work together as a school community, to work with the local community of Eaton Bray and the wider community of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire for our unique history curriculum coverage.

Through history we encourage children to engage and understand  the lives and dilemmas of people in the past, which in turn should help them make sense of the topics and issues which we encounter in our world today.  Many of the skills involved in the historical processes are cross curricular especially oracy, in particular effective questioning. English skills in speaking and listening, reasoning, challenge and debating and drama, all contribute to learning in history.  Skills and knowledge present in the curriculum areas of geography, citizenship, art and design technology are also used.

We believe that history contributes to our school’s values and beliefs and enables pupils to deepen their understanding of the wider world and their own families and communities through local historical studies.   Our history curriculum and lessons are interesting, relevant, and enjoyable for our children to learn.  Our children are motivated by the intrigue and mystery contained in historical enquiry.  Where possible, we always start a topic from the concrete focus of the child and move children’s thinking into the more challenging and abstract past to encourage higher order learning.   When relevant, some of the sessions will take place outside the classroom.  Learning about history outside the classroom can help children to make sense of history through hands-on experience, leading to a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.

Progression of Skills in the History Curriculum

At Eaton Bray Academy the progression of skills in History is clearly set out throughout each stage of a child’s learning.


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