Mathematics at Eaton Bray Academy

Our Mathematics Curriculum

At Eaton Bray Academy, we provide a high-quality mathematics education, promoting an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, alongside a sense of enjoyment and curiosity in mathematical learning.  Mathematics is of key importance within the workplace and for children within their later life and as such we aim to develop mathematical understanding alongside a secure knowledge of mathematical processes.  We endeavour to ensure that our maths curriculum at Eaton Bray Academy is fun and interactive, while at the same time challenging, providing our children with key knowledge and skills to become resilient, life-long learners.

Mathematical reasoning and problem solving are given prominence within the National Curriculum, and all children are given plenty of opportunities to develop these skills throughout the school.  They learn to reason mathematically and to solve problems by applying their maths in a range of contexts.  We recognise the importance of mathematical fluency and a progression towards efficient written calculations is developed within each year group.  Pupils are taught mental arithmetic skills throughout the school and children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 for rapid recall by the end of Year 4.

In order to support their times tables practise, we have signed up to TT Rock Stars. The website allows the children to practice their times tables through a competitive element. When you log on you can select different areas known as arenas to complete a range of times table tests. As the teacher, we can set the times tables which we want the children to be able to access. Your child should be using the Times Table Rock Stars log in on a regular basis as part of their school homework.

Maths lessons are taught daily and the content within each year group is in line with the National Curriculum.  Please see the link to our long term plan to see what your child will be learning in Years 1 to 6.  As the Reception class is part of the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, we relate the Mathematical aspects of the children’s work to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals, which underpin the curriculum planning for children in the Foundation Stage.

A range of teaching styles are used within lessons, according to the children’s needs so that everyone is able to access the National Curriculum. These are constantly reviewed and adapted to the needs of the class.  We endorse a Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach, in order to ensure that the children fully understand and embed the concepts being taught.  Each class has a range of concrete resources available for the children to use to support their learning.

Progression of Skills in the Maths Curriculum

At Eaton Bray Academy the progression of skills in Mathematics is clearly set out throughout each stage of a child’s learning.


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