Our Curriculum

Kind – Honest – Responsible- Appreciative- Resilient – Courageous

Curriculum Intent

At Eaton Bray Academy all children are happy, inspired lifelong learners. Our curriculum is designed to foster this in every child.

The curriculum builds upon previous skills and knowledge to enrich children’s understanding of the world around them and the ways in which they can contribute to it. We use an inspiring, exciting and enriched curriculum to teach children key skills, knowledge, concepts and values. All subjects and areas of learning are important, with subject leaders playing a key role in developing their subject across the school.

Our curriculum is planned to meet the needs of our pupils and to build sequentially while offering opportunities for revisiting learning. It provides opportunities for the needs of all children to be met, through high quality teaching in whole class situations or small groups. The well planned learning opportunities encourage children to think deeply about their learning, to embed their understanding and make connections with other areas of their learning.

Personal development and values are crucial to our curriculum with a range of opportunities for children to develop these intertwined with the curriculum both in and outside the classroom. Our values of kindness, honesty, responsibility, appreciation, resilience and courageousness are central to all learning. Opportunities such as business enterprise, school performances, school councilors and many others provide children with memorable experiences which will ignite their love of learning. Sporting opportunities throughout the school are essential to the school’s drive to ensure children’s physical and mental wellbeing while also developing a range of skills.

Alongside our core values we also develop our other learning skills across all areas of the curriculum:

Communication                      Creativity

Vocabulary Development     Investigation

Motivation                               Reflection

You can find more information about the curriculum below, or can contact the school office to speak to our curriculum leaders about our inspiring curriculum.

Information about each the curriculum for each class will be sent out each term to help parents in supporting their child’s learning.





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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs Reynolds.

Please see SEND for more information.


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